Quality management according to modern standards

High-quality products

JESCH is certified according to ISO 9001, and as a supplier to the automotive industry it is optimally positioned to ensure and handle complex processes in production, quality and logistics management. All order series as well as the material flow for the production plants are recorded, processed and monitored accurately and promptly in a production planning system.

Quality management continuously monitors the individual surface finishes through numerous process-accompanying quality tests such as colorimetric assessment, crosshatching and colour-layer thickness measurement. JESCH carries out processing and shipping of thousands of quality products daily according to the “first-in, first-out” principle.

Our ultimate goal is the absolute satisfaction of our customers with reliable and high-quality products.

JESCH stands for perfect surface technology.

Steam Jet Testers / ISO 16925:2014-06

In co-operation with leading  European automotive manufacturers Walter Cleaningsystems has developed a cross-industrial procedure with which the paint-bonding can be verified on various materials. The most important factor here is to apply an exact volume flow atwell-defined pressures onto the given surface.

Due to continuous developments we also fulfil the testing specifications of the following manufacturers:

DAIMLER / AUDI / BMW / FORD / MMC / OPEL / PEUGEOT / PORSCHE / RENAULT / VW and subcontractors to the automotive industry.