JESCH fluorine pretreatment

Consistent, process-reliable surface tension

With its proprietary fluorine pretreatment system, JESCH achieves the perfect surface tension required for high-quality coating adhesion on all non-polar plastic components.

This secure processing method can be applied to all polyolefins as well as various types of polyamide and Noryl plastic and allows coating of the pre-treated components in one coat.

Fluorine technology, which is absolutely harmless to the environment, guarantees optimum results even with the most difficult workpiece geometries.

Additional, complex operations such as priming and flaming can be eliminated completely.

Reliable coating adhesion even with demanding component geometries

Fluorine pretreatment also enables great subsequent processing, such as bonding, welding or printing of the various product components. 




Product example: Mercedes Benz AMG seat shell.

JESCH commissioned fluorination

JESCH also offers commissioned flourine pretreatment for external companies that do not have their own fluorine system. The big advantage here is that the uniform surface tension remains stable for several months.

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