Fully automated robotic coating systems

Fast coating pass-through times

JESCH has automatic, fully air-conditioned pass-through coating systems in which a wide variety of plastic components are coated in a high-quality and reliable manner. This refinement of products with different geometric surfaces using high-gloss, soft and decorative coatings is JESCH’s main business.

UV high-gloss finish / UV circulating-air drying

Automotive interior components can be coated in first-class UV glossy finish with the new fully automated robotic coating system. This guarantees excellent optical results with maximum abrasion resistance.

Central coating supply / CO2 parts pre-cleaning

The electronically controlled 2-component systems with central colour supply, CO2 pre-cleaning and uniform UV circulating-air drying guarantee brilliant high-quality coating qualities for small, medium and large series at the fastest pass-through and colour-changeover times.

Each of the systems has two robotic coating stations. So even the most difficult component geometries can be coated in a reproducible and consistent quality.

All the advantages of the JESCH series coating systems

  • Electronically controlled 2K systems with up to 112 hangers
  • CO2 purification pretreatment
  • Electrostatic ionisation zone immediately before the coating process
  • Consistent coating quality via 2 robotic coating stations
  • Central colour supply for up to 7 different colours
  • Energy efficient, uniform UV circulating-air drying
  • Environmentally friendly thermal afterburning with heat recover

  • Consistent temperature conditions via full air conditioning of the entire coating system